Important Information


The purpose of the ProtecTHOR token is to provide access to the platform in order to use the digital services offered there. The ProtecTHOR token primarily serves as a digital brand currency to ensure the exchange of services, goods and products within the ecosystem.
The purchase of the utility package, possession and receipt of the token grants the right to access the digital platform for services and to act as a means of payment within the ecosystem. With the acquisition of the utility package on the other hand no property right or in the future a share or securities right is connected to the ProjecTHOR DOO.
Likewise, the Proprietor Token Proprietor does not acquire any debt claims on future income, distributions, or intellectual property rights, or any other form of material participation in the ecosystem or the Projecthor Doo Company operating this ecosystem or its affiliates.

So that the company and the token can grow together, the token receives a defined internal value even before the IPO. This will be done with different investments in different industries, within the real economy and the resulting equivalent will be evenly distributed to the number of ProtecTHOR tokens.

The prospective buyer acquires, against payment to the ProjecTHOR DOO in the context of pre-market pre-sales, a utility package, which grants him access to the ProtecTHOR ecosystem and usability with the most diverse applications. Only with the approval of the ProtecTHOR tokens for public trading on at least one crypto exchange (planned for spring 2019) will the participant also be allowed to freely trade the tokens.

The Company expressly states that the purchase of Utility Packages involves significant risks, which are described in detail in the Risk Notices and the General Terms and Conditions, and for which the Company can not provide assurance at the current time that such risks will not arise realize.