You should be in the right place at the right time, you hear again and again.
But when and where should that be exactly?


Trading currency pairs, cryptocurrencies, indices etc. requires experience and time that few of us today are able to invest in: the job, family and other commitments, as well as lack of knowledge aggravating entry into this exciting topic.

WE DO NOT TRADEN - However, in the near future, we will offer access to trading signals and recommendations about a successful partner in Austria.

The access to appropriate instructions, trading signals, as well as trading recommendations are provided by our Austrian partner company in our back office for you.

Among other things, the PTX Token can be used to purchase a trading package. The trading strategy has been created and optimized over years, along with experienced Wall Street executives.

The fundamentals of this strategy were taken from the forex futures market. This allows us to successfully identify market "tops" and "bottoms" and align the strategy accordingly. The market is often highly volatile, as the prices are by no means rational, as our traders are well aware of. Through fundamental technical analysis, as well as a chart analysis, which includes all estimates and trade decisions, one can predict the possible price course with a certain accuracy.


In addition to the technical analysis, all trading signals that we pass on to our clients are confirmed and filtered by the order book (central order book of a stock exchange, where all orders are stored, their feasibility checked and finally executed, the order book shows the current order situation) to optimize the hit rate.

So it is evident when particularly large order orders come into the market, which could strongly influence the market in retrospect. All in all, we generated almost 1000% in the first three test months and are always striving to become better and more accurate. One of our application programs is the "Ninja-Trader" tool, which supports us in data processing and makes possible as far as possible the generation of accurate signals.

We are aware that the hacking attacks, especially in the crypto industry, are increasing and are constantly disappearing. Coins and exchanges are being "hacked", with more often being the companies themselves. To avoid this, it is very important to never keep the customer's money directly in our accounts. The user logs into his trading back office, connects the respective Exchange via API interface, with the BackOffice and can thus set the trades, stop / loss, the amount and all other individually required functions via the simplified trading interface. Thus, the user has complete control over his money and decides what rights he grants to the physical trader or bot and which not. The API interface allows the trader to execute a specific order without having direct access to the money - another protection mechanism for the client.

50% of the profits from the sale of our signals are used to buy back the ProtecTHOR token (PTX) in the market, thereby reducing supply.