Natural beauty

An attempt to describe the natural beauty of Ulcinj remains only an attempt. Nature has been relatively generous to this part of the Adriatic coast, uniquely creating a colorful mosaic of beautiful contrasts.

As if nature had long studied the diversity of desires and demands of modern man to stay in touch with their pristine existence, she gave the area the dark blue clean sea, the green-eyed Bojana River, and the island of Ada in her delta, the rich lake Shas, the long-lasting olive grove, the beautiful Valdanos bay, the healing springs, the pine forest with its enchanting scent and the well-known sandy beaches./p>

Fascinated by the beauty of this city, many artists have been inspired by their works of art and have thus transferred this exotic nature to the screen, as the famous directors Živko Nikolić and Dušan Vukotić in the films "Long Ships", "The Seventh Continent", "The Beauty of Sin" and many others.

The charming sandy beaches are a symbol of the excellence of Ulcinj. The largest of them, about 13 km long and about 50 m wide, is the Long Beach, which extends from northwest to southeast and forms the shape of a curve from Porta Milena to the Bojana delta.

It is only 4 km from the city center. With the construction activity, especially after the earthquake in 1979, the narrow part of the city was connected with this beach as well as with Shtoj, by building modern houses, which are a great accommodation potential for all types of tourists. The whole beach is made of fine sand - white and gray granules from 0.1 to 0.5 mm. The same grain forms the bottom of the shallow swimming area, so swimming here is very pleasant. Especially for the elderly and for small children a true pleasure.