Research Market 2018

Conduct founding costs research, analyze overhead costs, environmental impact, land use, competition obstacles, etc.

Proof of Concept

Determine what kind of functionalities, features, abilities, capacities an asset backed token requires


Separate major features into components, research how to design each component, programming involved, etc.

Proof of Costs

Create cost analysis, create options for materials, sourcing materials, end-cycle of materials, etc.


Create design concepts with in-house designers and engineers. Provide 10 concepts


Narrow down 10 concepts to 5 Improve, reintroduce concepts

Finalize Design

Testing functions of the PTX Eco-System

Application interaction

Testing Smart Contracts

Test navigation, product handling, skills, response time


Pre-Start system-internal Multi Currency Exchange

Create pre-order options and academy

Enable Utility-Token

  • Activation of the system-internal Multi Currency Exchange
  • Installation of the first BTC ATMs in MNE
  • Purchase of mineral claims
  • Participation releezer online shopping portal
  • Pre-listing of the ProtecTHOR token at trading venues
  • Preparation of expert reports by internationally recognized auditors
  • Unlock the internal ProtecTHOR Reserve Vault
  • Update of system-internal Multi Currency Exchange
  • Installation of PROTECTHOR AG Switzerland
  • Activation KYC
  • Activation of the internal releezer Virtual Store
  • Platform (VSP)
  • Publication Transparency Report and Balance
  • Sheet Audit ProjecTHOR
  • List the ProtecTHOR token at CoinGecko
  • Listing of the ERC-20 ProtecTHOR token at multiple venues
  • Start releezer virtual shop platform
  • Installation of ProtecTHOR LTD Malta
  • Activation of the App based arbitrage trading module
  • Introduction App-based point-of-sale system
  • Activation of the decentralized trading platform / stock exchange
  • Unlock the internal ProtecTHOR Reserve Vault
  • Listing of the ProtecTHOR token after tokenization at multiple venues
  • Activation of online banking software in the internal back office
  • Purchase viable projects
  • Burning and repurchasing PTX

Expected Q4/2019 Launch Trading STO-Exchanges