the world's first and only developer and market leader for Virtual Store Owner (VSO)


With releezer, a completely new generation of online shops is being created and also at the same time, the first real social shop community. Rather than entering the market as another major online shop, releezer offers thousands of retailers, influencers and business founders worldwide the opportunity, to participate fairly in this business and the margins of every sold item.

At the same time, the increasingly pressured "small retailer" is becoming competitive, with the integration of a huge brand-name store offering, as opposed to the growing dominance of global marketplaces and corporations.

The releezer shop offers the end customer a variety of product categories, with thousands of popular branded items in the areas of Fashion & Shoes, Beauty & Cosmetics, Jewelery, Consumer Electronics, Sports & Nutritions and much more. This offer is rounded off with sensational day and weekend deals, which will also make it easier for Virtual Store owners to win customers.


Releezer turns it’s partners into virtual retailers!

The VSOs receive between 60-70% of the retail margin of each article, which is sold via the respective online shop.

In order to provide a transparent overview of success for each individual VSO, releezer has developed a multi-client capable online shop platform in the past three years. Each VSO gains access to its personal back office - the hub of its activities. In the BackOffice, the Virtual Store Owner has a real-time overview of his entire store, including: Billing and detailed statistics on visitor numbers, purchases, sales, margins, commissions, training offers, advertising material and much more.


The role distribution

Simple and risk-free for the Virtual Store Owner (VSO). The VSO focuses on marketing and selling its shop and is responsible for the customer frequency on its individual and personal shop domain.

In addition to the active VSO's there is a personal shop link, a landing page and a multitude of different advertising media available. Example link: The typical costs and risks of a retailer, such as returns, payment defaults, fraud, warehousing, logistics, etc. are completely covered by releezer. Releezer also takes care of the entire shop handling and the professional operation of the shop, such as the purchase of goods, warehousing, shipping logistics, billing, customer support, returns, etc. The Releezer - team's many years of experience and a powerful network of brand companies, wholesaler’s and distributor’s provide support for this new shop concept. Releezer will not operate the shop under its own domain as a competitor to its partners. This means that customers can only use the huge selection of discounted offers, through the individual links of the Virtual Store Owner.


The brand strength of a franchise system, the power of a purchasing cooperative and the influence of a loyal community, form the concept of releezer's market strategy.


In addition, releezer will underpin brand building with a massive PR strategy. For this, the internal PR department has already prepared extensive stories and interviews with well-known media. The consistent branding strategy and clear positioning of the releezer brand will in turn benefit every single franchise partner and virtual store owner, making it even easier to generate customers. The launch will also be supported by selected US Celebrities, that are currently selling their brands (some exclusively for Europe), and promote the new online shop brand on the relevant social media channels.

The management team and its international advisory team have many years of leadership experience with consumer electronics manufacturers, large fashion companies, brand building, public relations, and many more. The team of developers includes international IT professionals, who specialize in developing next-generation applications, with payment in particular key areas, such as the development of fashion, lifestyle and e-commerce, platforms-integrations, data security, Big Data, etc. have extensive know-how.