PTX as ERC-20


The smart contracts as an essential element of the ETH blockchain offer the possibility to create tokens. A smart contract works on a simple "if-then" rule. This determines which activity will be executed when a particular event occurs. Using smart contracts, it is also possible to create tokens, which are nothing more than smart contracts.

For example, they determine how a transaction expires and ensure that the wallet assets are stored. The ProtecTHOR is an ERC 20 token. ERC-20 is a standard protocol that specifies the rules and operation of a token on the Ethereum Blockchain. The ProtecTHOR token runs on the Ethereum Blockchain and is a Smart Contract.

The token standard consists of a total of 6 functions and 2 events. It was created to enable interoperability between applications, exchange nodes and interfaces. The functions describe how the tokens can be transferred and how to access token-related data. The events, on the other hand, contain formatting guidelines for transfers and approvals.

The advantages of the ERC-20 token system at a glance

  • Uniform and fast transactions
  • More efficient transaction confirmations
  • Reduces the risk of breach of contract

The feature implemented in ERC-20 helps the web client to interact more efficiently and faster with other tokens and blockchain.


The ProtecTHOR ecosystem

The ProtecTHOR token is a combination of an expanding cryptocurrency infrastructure and the diversified real economy. The ProtecTHOR token will serve in the future as a bridge between crypto currencies and the existing economy.

Overall, the token is limited to 1 billion tokens and secured with smart contracts so that no further tokens can be replicated and reproduced. To enable a broad use of the token, one needs an ecosystem that is flexible enough to meet the following requirements.

  • Option as payment method with worldwide payment network
  • Equivalent in the real economy
  • Simple operation
  • Autonomous ecosystem

With the ProtecTHOR token it is possible to use different services and services from us and our partner companies. Over time, we will continue to extend the benefits of the ProtecTHOR token to diversify the ProtecTHOR ecosystem as much as possible. The services will include, but are not limited to, the following options and additional electronic services and information media.

  • Crypto-mining and -rading modules
  • Exchange
  • Integration into a PoS payment system with worldwide payment options (depending on the availability of merchant terminals)
  • Acquisition of property such as Real Estate & Construction Projects
  • Start-ups with profitable prospects and expandable investment opportunities
  • Classic corporate investments
  • Bentonite mining in Macedonia
  • Renewable energy
  • Online-Academy
  • Social projects

In order for the company and the token to grow together, the token receives a defined internal value before the IPO. This will be done with various investments in different industries, within the real economy and the resulting equivalent value evenly distributed to the number of ProtecTHOR tokens. The funds realized through the token sale are strategically split into the most promising projects at the time and reinvested.


Planned investment distribution

The available capital will be invested in diversified construction projects, expansion of the infrastructure network as well as renewable energy and mining projects with an investment strategy. The starting signal for this is in Montenegro, a thriving EU candidate country.

The distribution in percent is preliminary, the current investment scenarios are analyzed in detail, and subsequently, depending on the market situation, individual responses and investments are made.

  • 20% is kept as a "cash reserve" in FIAT currencies or stable coins in the company to ensure continuous liquidity for trader connections.
  • 19% will be invested in selected real estate projects in Montenegro *. * EU accession candidate with average annual economic growth of about 8%.
  • 19% are used for buying hydroelectric power plants and produce renewable energy, such as Wind power and solar energy.
  • 10% will be invested in mining equipment, which in turn will be coupled to the hydroelectric power plants, thus achieving the best possible and most effective ROI (Return on Investment).
  • 20% are invested in company participations and selected ICO's.
  • 10% will be used for management and for running costs according to the funds utilization plan.
  • 2% are invested by the company in social projects.

Overview of existing and planned utilities / products

All digital imaging products can be used by any ProtecTHOR Token holder in the BackOffice.

  • One of our products in BackOffice consists of an Exchange that can be used by any ProtecTHOR token holder.
  • Another product is an online shop implemented in the back office, which can be used by any ProtecTHOR token holder. The portfolio ranges extensively from jewelry, perfume, clothing etc to an internal travel agency. The shop is constantly being developed by our partners.
  • Another product is a PoS system which enables offline merchants to integrate payment options for Bitcoin / Ethereum / PTX.
  • Another product consists of a separate debit credit card, which can be loaded via the back office.
  • Another product consists of the container mining concept, which was implemented in cooperation with Avintex GmbH in Austria, so every customer has the opportunity to invest independently in mining hardware.
  • Another product of Avintex GmbH consists of a self-programmed trading system covering the entire crypto currency market.
  • The last product includes a free Blockchain Academy, which allows the ProtecTHOR Token holder to gain extensive knowledge of the crypto market.