What are our challenges?

We do not want to reinvent the wheel, but definitely do it better.

Most blockchain platform services are typically not new, and there are many centrally-functioning platforms that provide a comparable user experience. What counts is first and foremost ease-of-use, value for money and trust in the platform and the product. The only way to convince the mainstream that the token economy has significant advantages over the existing platform economy is through high-end products that provide real value.

The added value must be so great that it can overcompensate all entry barriers. The communication has to be so good that even people who have reservations about crypto-economics simply understand the added value in less than 10 minutes. #cryptoeasy

The general knowledge about the crypto-economy captures ever wider sections of society, which means more and more people can do something with Bitcoin. Still, even if larger parts of society know roughly what Bitcoin is, they will not be persuaded to use the tokens of ICO-funded startups.

Real added value

For crypto token projects like Projecthor, which will provide real added value, there are only the following options:

  • We manage to be so incredibly good that despite all the hurdles people will be asking for the service and thus also the PTX tokens.
  • We create Fiat interfaces that also allow the product to be used in euros, US dollars or other paper currencies.
Of course, we are questioning the decentralized business model of the Bitcoin whitepaper, but in return this measure will ensure that users are satisfied over the long term. Because then there is still the possibility to generate a purely decentralized token use case.
All first-generation coins and tokens are not real value yet. The future, and there all experts agree on the tokenization. In the medium term, there will not be a digital currency that does not create value in any way or have an extreme use case, in any way whatsoever.

Each group will create its own token. The stock market will fundamentally change.

Transparency & Trust

Investments in various segments of the real economy and the resulting equivalent, the "proof of reserves" comparable to a "proof of funds" in a secured bank vault, will then be distributed evenly as of the balance sheet date to the number of ProtecTHOR tokens in circulation,

Each user of the ecosystem will also be able to view the real-time additions and the current goodwill using algorithms in the underlying smart contract system in real time. In this way, we ensure complete transparency and trust in the platform.

Our Team


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