POS System

A point of sale (PoS) system is a cashless payment system that bypasses the traditional steps of making a payment, such as cash withdrawals, cash payments and point-of-sale cash dispensing, thus simplifying the payment process.


The system offers purchases and sales between merchants and customers in cryptocurrencies. In addition to the wallet system, we also operate several nodes (data nodes) of the provided crypto currencies.

In a transaction, perfectly synchronized nodes can determine if the payment has actually arrived on the blockchain. If so, feedback is returned to the payment terminal that the payment was successful. The dealer receives the confirmation that the customer has paid and can hand over the desired goods to him. In addition to the low transaction costs and the security that is generated by the blockchain, the system is particularly characterized by its speed. In the future, we will also integrate the ProtecTHOR token into this payment system and connect various merchants, such as Supermarkets, hotel chains or restaurants.