Mining is often compared to mining gold (= gold mining)! Cause this is
because they are similar in concept and profit.


Mining is the process of verifying transactions and putting them into blocks. This process requires high computing power. The verification, however, is easily possible. In order to motivate participants to participate in this process, a certain amount of bitcoins is credited to the node that first solves the task (Coinbase transaction). This credit is the first transaction of the new block. The difficulty of the task and its verification can be compared to a crossword puzzle or a sudoku task. It takes a lot of effort to solve it, but it's relatively easy to verify the solution. The second motivation to support the mining process is the transaction fees from the included transactions, which will also be credited to the miner once the block has been successfully calculated.

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Container Mining

Through the Container Mining Concept, we enable our customers to purchase Mining Hardware themselves and place them in our Mining Containers. In a continuous mining operation hot air is the inevitable jams, the approximately 150 rigs and over 1000 graphics cards must therefore be cooled accordingly.

The ventilation system developed for this purpose consists of two fans, which provide supply and exhaust air together. Thus, this provides for uninterrupted air circulation to simulate the optimum temperature conditions for mining. The containers are decoupled 70 cm from the ground to make sure that in case of possible flooding the mining hardware is safe and no water damage occurs. In addition, the containers are equipped with an individual monitoring and control system to guarantee continuous operation.

By purchasing photovoltaic systems and hydroelectric power plants, we can obtain a particularly favorable electricity price and thus offer mining at the most profitable market price. Thus, it is possible for us to offer the customers a realistic and as fast as possible ROI (Return on Invest). 50% of the profits generated by the sale of the mining hardware, as well as the purchase of our own mining hardware, are used to buy PTX back into the market and reduce supply.