Questions about Projecthor DOO

1Where is the headquarter of the company?
The Projecthor DOO is located in Ulcinj. The city of Ulcinj is the southernmost city of Montenegro on the Adriatic. Montenegro is the EU accession country, the currency is euro.
2Does the management have experience in the crypto field?
Absolute. And in all areas. Own Mining Conatainers with specially developed software / operating systems, development of their own exchange and trading. Everything that is required for a successful business in this area.
3Is the Projecthor DOO selling Coins?
No! Projecthor DOO sells training packages and technological solutions. There are Protecthor Coins as a present value for the purchased training package.
4What is content of the training packages?
The training packages cover a wide range. General topics, as well as specific, targeted information about the crypto market, online marketing, network marketing, building your own business and much more are taken up here. The goal is that every partner in this industry can act according to their own goals and interests.
5Is the Projecthor DOO listed
Not yet, but it's a stated goal. With an IPO, profits will be realized in the medium term and long term, which will have positive effect on the overall concept. But, one step after an other.


Questions about the Protecthor Coin

1Is the Protecthor (ptx) a cryptocurrency?
No. Currencies are issued only by states. The Protecthor is an internal unit in the cryptosystem, just like all coins.
2Is there a Protecthor Blockchain?
Sure, of course. Here COMING SOON you will find the Block Explorer.
3Is there a white paper on the Protecthor?
The whitepaper is available here COMING SOON in different languages.
4Is the Protecthor comparable to other Coins?
We do not want to compare ourselves with other coins or with other providers, or even compete. Every human being is free to decide where to do what. If you like our overall concept, we look forward to you as a partner and / or customer.
5How do I get Protecthor Coins?
The Protecthor is currently available in only two ways:
  • As a free gift for one of the service packages from the Projecthor DOO
  • As a transaction from the wallet of another user.
6Do I need internet access to pay with the prothector coin or to get it?
Absolutely, but that should not be the problem.
7Is the Protecthor listed at Exchanges?
Protecthor will go to the relevant stock exchanges in a timely manner. But our own Exchange will start as soon as possible.


Questions about the business opportunity

1What do I have to do to earn at Projecthor?
To build something within the Projecthor network, all you have to do is talk to people. Online webinars and deposited videos will do the first preliminary work for you. Our offline events / information events are displayed in the event calendar. If you don't talk to anyone, they are not able to find out anything about the possibilities.
2How much money I am able to earn?
It's up to you, and only to you. Projecthor provides you with it's system and possibilities. We also have our training videos for that.
3What if I recommend the Protecthor Coin to only one person or no one at all?
The marketing plan gives you 10% commission on the first level starting with the first person. Any positive recommendation from you and / or your partners will trigger a commission through the levels. Otherwise, you have to wait for the stock market listing.
4Where Projecthor DOO is investing its funds?
You can see that in the whitepaper. Generally in projects, Startup's pp. with return.