ProtecTHOR E-Learning Online Academy

Bitcoin & Co are on everyone's lips. Since its introduction in 2009, media have regularly reported on the blockchain. The community is growing worldwide, the willingness to accept crypto currencies as a means of payment is increasing daily. In the future, our online academy will educate and inform interested parties in the entire area of Blockchain, Bitcoin, Ethereum & Co in an easy and understandable way.

Learn how cryptocurrencies work in 3 easy steps.

The 3-stage concept of our online academy:

Buy (Icon)

Get access to our member area with any utility package to complete the online academy. The duration of education and training depends on your own initiative. A few weeks or several months? You decide for yourself!  

Crash Course (Icon)

You work module by module through our online academy and complete a small intermediate exam after each module to deepen your knowledge and identify any shortcomings.  

Application (Icon)

Use your acquired knowledge to get fit in dealing with cryptocurrencies. Learn and understand how cryptocurrencies are traded, how prices are created and what your opportunities, risks and benefits are.

The most important questions / FAQ Online Academy

What content do I find in the Online Academy?

The online academy is your "basic education" in crypto currencies.

Learn everything about cryptocurrency: from the purpose of decentralization, to private keys and mining, to trading and storing cryptocurrencies.

Why should I graduate from the online academy?

Because with our online academy every beginner can learn to understand crypto currencies.
Cryptocurrencies, decentralization and digital currencies are complex issues that so far few people can fully understand and explain well. Thanks to our speakers, who have dealt intensively with crypto currencies, you will get a clear explanation of the whole topic. Practical and to the point.

The online academy is right for you if you're thinking about investing in cryptocurrencies, but you still have not fully understood the technology or if you're not out of the closet with your friends or co-workers want to stand!

Of course we strive to expand the topics and modules constantly and adapt to the rapid development of Blockchain to keep you with information and videos always up to date!

FAQ Closed BackOffice area

When will I have access to the online academy in the members area?

Right after your payment of the utility package. Exempted is the classic transfer - This may require a manual activation by us after receipt of payment on our account. This happens within 1-3 business day (s) after receipt of payment.

Is there a deadline until when I have to enroll in the course?

No, once you've purchased your utility package, you'll be unlocked for our members section and can view the module you're looking for. Whether you do it immediately or at any later time is up to you.

How long will I have access to the members area?

You have access to the respective modules at any time without time limit.

How long is the course?

That depends on how much time and effort you invest. You can theoretically work through and learn everything within a week or two. However, our practice shows that on average 30-60 days are realistic. Even if you are also doing a training, school or other full-time employment.

What kind of learning material do I have?

In our interactive BackOffice you learn each module step by step with the help of highly professional Full HD videos with respective learning objectives controls.

What content does the online academy include?
  • Module 1: Introducing the Blockchain
  • Module 2: History of Blockchain
  • Module 3: Decentralization
  • Module 4: Public Address and Private Key
  • Module 5: Blockchain
  • Module 6: Transaction Process
  • Module 7: Mining
  • Module 8: Consensus Algorithms
  • Module 9: Risks, Opportunities, Benefits
  • Module 10: Trade
  • Module 11: Wallets
  • Module 12: Taxes, Regulations
  • Module 13: Security
  • Module 14: ICO and COIN Assessment
  • Module 15: Trading Risks