The first of its kind

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Our goal is the pro rata even mapping of goodwill through a reserve vault on our ProtecTHOR token. We will realize this process after the intended IPO.


To ensure a practical use of the ProtecTHOR token, we provide a flexible, easy-to-use system to meet the following requirements:
  • instant transaction
  • real values
  • easy to use
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We do not promise interest and other profits. We do not manage assets, nor do we invest funds on behalf of clients. The ProtecTHOR token should not be an investment and we do not make any return or value increase promise: The prospect of our utility package receives, depending on the package, a predefined number of free ProtecTHORen as a thank you for supporting our corporate development. These are allocated on his PTX wallet in the internal area / back office.

These statements do not constitute an opinion on a buy recommendation and are not part of it. There can be no assurance that the objectives and implementation of the ProtecTHOR project will be achieved as described. Gains and returns can not and must not be guaranteed by law; it is also possible that there will be no gains. There is also the risk of total loss. We are a start-up company whose financing must first be secured, which naturally brings risks. This should always be considered when deciding to buy our utility packages.